International Foundation for Education and Development

The International Foundation for Education and Development -Southeast Asia (IFED-SEA) was formed and created to provide funding directly to the poorest Filipino families, to make their children’s education affordable. IFED directs financial assistance to Filipino children and families, so that the children can attend and complete their primary and secondary schooling.

The PhilippinesHelp us break the cycle of poverty
Helping others. Our job is to provide financial resources directly to the school children of  families that could not otherwise afford to attend or participate in primary and secondary education programs in their community. 

The primary objective of this Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines by making education available to the children that would miss out on the opportunities that only an education can provide. Through education our hope is to create economic and social development from below.

Based on the tenet that education has proven to be an effective and popular measure in the ongoing struggle against poverty, we believe that by making education affordable to even the poorest of children, their ability to contribute back into their communities will be greatly enhanced.

It has been shown that when a community invests in its children’s education, that the children grow up to be higher wage earners. Higher wages equates to increased standard of living for their families, and therefore, for their community.

Through partnering with other NGO’s, schools, businesses, the elementary schools in the barangays, families, and individuals that are already involved with financial assistance, we will identify the qualified families that require the financial assistance needed to help educate the poorest Filipino children.

The measures of success for this effort will be:

1) Increased elementary and secondary school enrollments in the provinces  and local communities.

2) Elevated numbers of children who are completing both primary and secondary education.

3) Continued interest in furthering education coupled with better grades on the part of the individual aid recipients.

IFED – Southeast Asia


The Foundation began as a small grassroots project focused on a few elementary school children. It has developed into a much larger organization that is funded by private individuals whose interests are to make education accessible to the very poorest children.

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